Tuesday, January 23, 2007


A photocopy of some disks is not a "backup of my software".

Any removable media within arm's length of the computer is not a backup.

Any non-removable media is not a backup.

Dragging a few choice folders to removable media is not a backup.

ZIPping (http://www.pkware.com) files to a file is not a backup.


At 4:52 AM, Blogger Duane said...

I disagree to some extent. Removable media such as tapes or CD's within arms reach can be considered backups but they should not be your only backups.

For most home users two sets of backups can suffice; one set in the home office and another off-site (preferably safety deposit box). These can be done weekly or monthly.

Businesses, on the other hand need a more rigorous disaster recovery plan and specific to backup's I personally like a grandfather, father, son rotation with incremental backups during the week and full backup's on the weekend...of course rotating these in a safety deposit box with a retention period in line with your industry/regulations.



At 5:06 AM, Blogger Under The Hood said...

> I disagree to some extent.
I agree, especially that there are backups, and then there are Backups.
Every time I use the F12 function key in MSOffice to save the working document with a new name I am making an audit trail of my documents.

Sorry for my delay in responding; when I tried to get back in here BlogSpot had a problem. Thanks for the comment.


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