Saturday, October 06, 2007

A new backup

I purchased a 2002 IBM server for $150 at a store in Orangeville, Ontario.
It is 1.3GHz and comes with four removable SCSI dtrives of 17GB each.

Now SCSI drives are history - you just can't buy them in stores anywhere, and franklt 68GB doesn't come close to my backup requirements.

But .....

... a nifty little DOS batch file has my $150 server obtaining updated files across my network every hour. The process takes about three minutes, and then the server goes to sleep for an hour.

That means that my other machines are never more than 60 minutes away from the previous backup.

And I can, if I choose, backup from the interim copies on the server to my 300GB or 400GB drive on the weekend, or in the evening, for extra security.